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College Debate 2016 Selects Delegates from Throughout U.S.

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More than 135 students from colleges and universities throughout the United States have been selected as College Debate 2016 delegates. These delegates will lead a national conversation around the key issues that resonate with younger voters.

This first-of-its-kind initiative was created by Dominican University of California to provide college students from throughout the United States a platform to discuss and debate the complex issues facing our country. Dominican is a Voter Education Partner for the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Delegates will attend a June 1-3 planning and training session on the Dominican campus in San Rafael, California, to organize issue-focused events and outreach on their home campuses. The programming will focus on promoting civil discourse, understanding responsible digital citizenry, and avoiding stereotypes and assumptions while focusing on the issues rather than party politics.

The June schedule includes:

Julie Winokur will present her film Bring it to the Table. Following the screening she will talk with the delegates about bridging political divides, examining assumptions, and engaging in civil discourse to help move our democracy forward.

Bring it to the Table Table Talks. Broken into smaller groups, the delegates will learn how to ask open questions, listen well to others, and reflect upon their own attitudes and behaviors.  The students will be encouraged to speak their minds openly and authentically while learning how to communicate better, especially with those with opposing views.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla will talk with delegates about getting involved in the political process.

PBS The Open Mind host Alexander Heffner will lead a panel discussion focused on student activism. Heffner will help the delegates develop strategies and events – both online and on-campus – designed to engage peers in conversations focused on the issues that resonate with younger voters.

Dr. Sybril Brown, a Professor of Journalism at Belmont University, will lead the delegates in a discussion focused on Digital Citizenship. Dr. Bennett’s research focuses on innovation, civility, and digital media.

Issues rooms. Delegates will visit issues rooms in order to meet with experts to discuss in depth the topics of importance to the delegates.

Using #collegedebate16 as an identifying tag on social media platforms, delegates will begin to engage each other and their networks. Following the June meeting, they will participate in online meet-ups, webinars, and other technology-mediated tools to expand the conversation.

Delegates will return to Dominican September 7 for a moderated town hall meeting, which will be live-streamed to campuses across the country. During the town hall, the students will agree on the key issues – and very specific questions – for the presidential candidates to address. These questions will be presented to the moderators of the 2016 presidential debates.

April 29, 2016

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Posted April 29th, 2016 | Delegates | Events | General