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College Debate 16 Final Questions

Listed below are all the questions developed by the Delegates and voted upon in the Town Hall on September 7th. The questions in bold were chosen to be sent to the moderators of the Presidential Debates.

Issue: Social Justice/Civil Rights

What will you do to reduce the recidivism and mass incarceration rates in communities where poverty and violence are prevalent?

How do you plan to address instances of police brutality and prevent future occurrences?

How will your policies address the injustices of environmental damages on vulnerable, low-income, minority groups and ensure accountability of both government officials and private industry

Issue: Immigration

What is your plan for aiding the employment of skilled refugees and immigrants in their respective fields?

What constitutional rights and protections should undocumented immigrants be granted and how would they be guaranteed?

How would you address the domestic issues & growing safety concerns caused by increased immigration and influence American attitudes towards immigration?

Issue: Education

How will you ensure quality education to areas of socioeconomic disadvantage both in terms of K-12 and access to higher education?

What is your plan to utilize education to combat the cycle of juvenile detention?

In the 2014 midterm election, less than 20% of 18-29 year olds voted. How can you ensure that all schools incorporate civic education into curricula to create an active and informed populous?

Issue: Income Inequality and Economy

How would you restructure governmental assistance programs for the unemployed or impoverished to obtain self-sufficiency?

How do you plan to address the increase cost of living while promoting the growth of U.S. businesses?

How do you instead to promote innovation entrepreneurship and small business growth in the United States?

Issue: Foreign Policy

What specific circumstances would prompt the United States to use military resources in a foreign country?  How would you utilize the nation’s military resources?

How do you plan on supporting Syrian civilians without creating further conflict with other political actors?

How will your administration intend to act on the Paris Climate Accord with other countries and become a world leader in sustainable progress?