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Throughout the summer, the College Debate 2016 delegates turned to social media to post, tweet, share, and snap the issues that matter most to young voters. Now it is time for the delegates to draw on this work as they begin to craft their platform.

The College Debate 2016 delegates will gather September 6-7 for the College Convention in order to share the work they've accomplished since the June convening.

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In a series of sessions, the delegates will identify the top issues that resonate with college students across the country and need to be addressed by the next President and other elected officials. They will generate a list questions to be voted upon by the delegates in the Town Hall.

Dr-Sybril-BrownIn the Town Hall on Wednesday, September 7, Dr. Sybril Brown will moderate a caucus of the delegates who will determine the final questions they want the candidates to answer at the presidential debates in September and October. Watch the Town Hall live streaming at 5:00 pm PDT.

Nate CarpenterNate Carpenter, Assistant Director of Convergent Media in the School of Communication at Illinois State University, will describe how CD16 social media reached 1 million social media users and has been viral since June.

Recap of the June Convening

Delegates from throughout the United States arrived at Dominican.

Delegate Snapshot

Julie WinokurJulie Winokur presented her film Bring it to the Table. Following the screening she talked with the delegates about bridging political divides, examining assumptions, and engaging in civil discourse.

Table Talks. Broken into groups of two, the delegates learned how to ask open questions, listen well to others, and reflect upon their own attitudes and behaviors.


Dr-Sybril-BrownDr. Sybril Brown, a Professor of Journalism at Belmont University, led the delegates in a discussion on Digital Citizenship. Dr. Brown’s research focuses on innovation, civility, and digital media. 

alex padillaCalifornia Secretary of State Alex Padilla talked with the delegates about political engagement, his own political journey, and his initiatives focused on voter registration.


alexander heffnerPBS The Open Mind host Alexander Heffner discussed ways the delegates can develop strategies and events – both online and on campus – designed to engage peers in conversations focused on the issues.

Issues rooms. Delegates visited a series of issues rooms and met with experts to discuss topics of importance to the delegates. 

The delegates departed the Dominican campus to organize issue-focused events at their schools and, using #collegedebate16 as an identifying tag on social media platforms, engage each other and their networks.